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LabVIEW automation for mission-critical applications

Over 2,000 custom LabVIEW-based automated test systems delivered

How do I know you can solve my specific problem?

Launching a new product? Need to increase throughput? Need your obsolete tester updated?

  • Platinum-level National Instruments Alliance Partner.
  • We’ve delivered over 2,000 automated test systems.
  • We develop test systems for mission-critical applications.
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I need help from a LabVIEW Programmer / Developer / Consultant.

Do you have the expertise to help me?

The short answer is that we live and breathe LabVIEW.  Check out our proof points.

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I need a custom Manufacturing Test System.

How can you help?

Manufacturing test is a final verification step between you and your customer… your reputation is on the line. You’re on the hot seat when the tester needs to be updated or a new one needs to be built. You don’t have time for that. You’ve gotta get back to your real job!

We’ve delivered over 200 turnkey manufacturing test systems, and developed the software for over 800 manufacturing test systems.

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I need a custom Product Design Validation System.

How can you help?

You’re designing a new product and need to evaluate how it’ll perform under a wide variety of conditions, such as power supply voltage, ambient temperature, and hydraulic pressure. And, you might need to make that assessment over a long duration (in cycles or time).  That’s a lot of data to collect and analyze!

Whether you need a tester for design characterization or for endurance / reliability / durability / environmental  testing, we’ve delivered the complete hardware/software package for ~200 product validation systems. See how we can help with a Custom Product Design Validation System »

I need to update my existing test system.

How can you help with my obsolete tester?

From old hardware to porting old software and dealing with an old OS, check out how we can help you with your test system migration needs.  We’ve updated over 200 obsolete test systems.

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