Xlsx Toolkit

No Need to install Microsoft Excel!


  • Simple LabVIEW API to create native Microsoft Excel workbooks, worksheets, and charts without installing Microsoft Excel
  • Does not use ActiveX or COM
  • Royalty free deployment
  • 30-Day developer trial
  • Support for LabVIEW 2014+
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)


  • Anyone developing LabVIEW applications that generate/access Microsoft Excel workbooks without having to purchase, install, and maintain Microsoft Excel on each deployed test system.

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The Xlsx Toolkit by Viewpoint Systems provides a simple LabVIEW API to create native Microsoft Excel xlsx workbooks, worksheets, and charts without installing Microsoft Excel or using ActiveX /COM.

Working With Xlsx Workbooks

Interacting with workbooks is easy, open / create a workbook, add or select a worksheet, and read/write cells or ranges based on row/column index or named index, i.e. A1:C1.

Toolkit Features

* Create new or open exiting workbooks.
* Manipulate Workbooks
* Add / Remove / Re-arrange Worksheets
* Set Workbook Properties
* Interact with Worksheets
* Read / Write Numbers, Strings, Timestamps, Simple Clusters
* Address cells via Row / Column or by Address, i.e. A1:C1
* Apply Style / Formatting to cell data
* Insert Images
* Show / Hide / Insert / Delete / Merge Rows and Columns
* Create Native xlsx Charts
* Create chart a chart and assign series data to be displayed
* Modify x-axis, y-axis, and legend

Licensing and Deployment

The Viewpoint Xlsx Toolkit has a 30-day developer trial.  A developer’s license will be required after a 30-day trial and is also required for deployment.  Deployment is royalty free.

Royalty free deployment allows one to deploy a LabVIEW application to hundreds of test systems that generate Microsoft Excel workbooks, without installing Microsoft Excel on any of those systems.


Viewpoint Xlsx Toolkit requires LabVIEW 2014+ and the Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or newer.

Installation requires JKI Package Manager 2014 or newer.

Activation, Key Generation & Payment

For all questions regarding Activation / Key Generation / Payment please contact NI at  labviewtoolsnetwork@ni.com.

How Do I?

Post all ‘How Do I?’ questions to http://stackoverflow.com using the tags [LabVIEWViewpointXlsxToolkit]. We regularly monitor http://stackoverflow.com for new questions, but to speed up the process provide us the link to the question at hello@viewpointusa.com.

Other support-related questions

For all other support questions, please email hello@viewpointusa.com.