A few non-obvious benefits of working at Viewpoint (approval required)
Flexible work hours
Partial work-from-home
Work in a variety of industry verticals

We’re constantly looking to add fresh new perspectives to our vision.

The Viewpoint philosophy is simple. Bring together the best minds. Give them the freedom to think. Focus that thinking on our clients’ unique challenges. Then get out of the way. The result is a place where the best of the best can do amazing things, instead of having to watch from the sidelines.

If you’re looking for a place where drive, passion, creativity, and focus are seen as positives, bring your fresh perspective to Viewpoint.

Systems Engineer

Our company is a dynamic engineering consulting company specializing in the integration of custom systems for test and measurement applications. We see a large variety of projects across a huge spread of industries. Our engineers pull software and hardware together to solve our customer’s problems on jobs ranging from fiber optics, to biomedical machine vision, to attitude-adjustment rockets for satellites. Since our engineers are personable, creative, and technically adept, they are given a large amount of autonomy in delivering the custom systems that they develop.


  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • A drive to integrate hardware and software across many platforms
  • Familiarity in LabVIEW, .NET, C/C++, VHDL, and FPGAs is a plus
  • Finishing or finished a four-/five-year degree in an Engineering or related field
  • Qualified to access United States Export Controlled information

We are looking for people that enjoy viewing projects as a series of puzzles to be solved, and our puzzles tend to be hardware/software integration.

Our jobs require constant customer interaction, and it is important for everyone, CEO to Co-Ops, to effectively communicate. If this sounds like your kind of gig, apply today and let’s chat!

Embedded & Electronic Design Engineer

Our philosophy is simple. Bring together great minds. Give them the freedom to think. Focus on our clients. Then get out of the way. The result is a place where you can do impressive things.  We develop custom electronics hardware and embedded software to solve our customer’s problems. We see applications in many industries, such as Mil-Aero, Industrial Control and Monitoring, Transportation, and Next Gen Power Grid.

We look for candidates that:

  • Have at least 2 years of electronic circuit design experience and are willing to learn on the job to solve the problems at hand
  • Have Embedded controller / FPGA / VHDL Experience
  • Will work with sales & customers to refine technical specifications for proposals
  • Work well as part of a team
  • Are self-starters
  • Want to work in a technically diverse project environment over multiple industry applications
  • Have a BS in Engineering/Engineering Technology (Electrical, Computer, Electrical / Mechanical) or related field
  • Are qualified to access United States Export Controlled information

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience in digital, analog, mixed signal, and/or power supply design and design verification
  • Experience with product development and manufacturing
  • Electronics CAD layout and design tool experience
  • Mechanically mindful or experience in melding electronics within enclosures
  • Working knowledge of measuring key performance parameters using analyzers, generators, oscilloscopes, and meters

We’ve helped teams at some of the world’s most innovative companies