Industrial EmbeddedIndustrial Embedded Systems Services – software development and circuit board design for monitoring & control of industrial equipment / machines

Our engineers can help with:
Embedded Software Development
Circuit Board Design for analog & digital signal conditioning & interfacing

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I’ve got a low-volume industrial embedded application that I need to get to market quickly!

How can you help?

What if the controller for your industrial embedded application was available off-the-shelf and all you needed was some software developed?  The core of what we’re suggesting is using an NI CompactRIO (cRIO) with C Series modules for hardware, overlaid with custom software that we develop for your application.

I need to do a better job monitoring of some of my industrial equipment / machinery.  I haven’t found an off-the-shelf solution that meets my needs.

Is there another option?

We develop custom software on top of off-the-shelf hardware for online monitoring applications.

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I need help with monitoring or control of my industrial system / equipment / machine.

How can you help?

  • Embedded Software Development for applications requiring determinism
  • Printed Circuit Board Design for I/O interfacing and signal conditioning

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I’m considering outsourcing my embedded development for a new product we’re developing, but I’m kind of new to the embedded design world.

What should I watch out for?

Check out this industrial embedded outsourcing guide.  We’ll cover 10 considerations before you have an embedded design company develop your industrial embedded monitoring or control system for you.

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