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We solve 3 types of problems

Automated Test Systems

For Production Test & Product Validation

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LabVIEW Programming

For Test, Monitoring & Control

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Industrial Monitoring & Control

Software Development & PCB Design

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“I have been working with Viewpoint for 15+ years on multiple projects. They have always provided creative and quick solutions to all of the problems we have placed in front of them. I have always considered them a valuable part of our global team.”
Engineering Group, A Global Manufacturer
“I really want to thank you for all your help getting us to this stage in automating our testing. We had our customer in this week to oversee some testing and they were very impressed, which is definitely kudos to Viewpoint.”
David, An Aerospace & Defense Company
“The Viewpoint team provides significant value to our projects, and I really enjoy working with Viewpoint.”
Jerzy Wolujewicz, PhD, Nammo Pocal Inc.
“I found Viewpoint to be easy to work with and able to be flexible as our project evolved. In addition to providing LabVIEW code that met our needs they helped spec out some of the hardware we needed for our application. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Sr. Scientist, A Large Manufacturer

We’ve helped teams at some of the world’s most innovative companies

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Want to meet some of the team?

John Snyder
John SnyderEngineering
Level-headed, very easy to get along with
Carol Engelbrecht
Carol EngelbrechtEngineering
Running, Skiing, Hiking, Yoga, and Eating. FIRST Robotics.
Dave Loucks
Dave LoucksEngineering
Even keeled. Friendly. Mr. mom for the engineers.
Dave Philipson
Dave PhilipsonEngineering
Resident funny man… with a phenomenal vocabulary
Carl Kosmerl
Carl KosmerlEngineering
Conservative, cautious, detail-oriented.
Larry Lewis
Larry LewisEngineering
Mr. FIRST Robotics. Very easy to get along with.
Chris Kneeppel
Chris KneeppelEngineering
Family man.
Stu McFarlane
Stu McFarlanePresident
Beyond serious. One of the founders. Loves being a grandpa!
Jim Campbell, PhD.
Jim Campbell, PhD.Partner
Serious physics geek. Outdoor adventure enthusiast. Loves to get into the technical nitty gritty.
Justin Vlietstra
Justin VlietstraEngineering
Very logical, even for an engineer. Loves solving problems. Very involved with his community.
Chris Visone
Chris VisoneEngineering
Fast talker. Enthusiastic. Lots of kids (4) by today’s standards.
Nate Brockway
Nate BrockwayEngineering
Enjoys camping, off-roading and DIY projects.