Custom Automated Test Systems – How do I know you can solve my specific problem?2024-02-01T07:26:42-05:00

How do I know you can
solve my problem?

  • Platinum level National Instruments Alliance Partner

  • Want to do a better job with your archived test data?

  • Want to standardize on a more common test platform?

  • Need some features added to your tester?

Proof Point – LabVIEW Experts

  • Over 3,000 LabVIEW solutions delivered

  • Platinum level National Instruments Alliance Partner, which puts us in the top 2% worldwide

  • We’ve got one or more of each of these: Certified LabVIEW Architect | Certified LabVIEW Developer | Certified TestStand Architect

Proof Point – Clients

A few clients that have trusted us to help them with their testing needs…

gelogosmall alstom mitsubishielectric
Harris Carrier SKF logo

Proof Point – Experience

  • Measure analog or digital inputs and/or control analog or digital outputs?  We’ve done 1,000s

  • Interface with non-NI equipment like DMMs, PMUs, PLCs, or environmental chambers? We’ve done 1,000s

  • Process/analyze measurement data? We’ve done 1,000s

  • Do real-time control with loop rates from 1 Hz to 10000 Hz? We’ve done 100s

  • Create test reports and/or save into databases? We’ve done 1,000s

  • A GUI that doesn’t make your head explode? We’ve done 1,000s

Proof Point – Case Studies

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