Custom Pump Test Stands

Some tests we’ve implemented

  • Fluid properties (e.g., head and flow), both inlet and outlet

  • Shaft Torque

  • Cavitation

  • Rotational Speed

  • Sound pressure

  • Power consumption

  • Vibration

  • Component temperature

  • Power quality

  • NPSH

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How we can help: capabilities & expertise

  • Protecting the product from damage during test

  • Personnel safety

  • Manufacturing test system development

  • Product validation system development (including endurance/reliability/durability testers)

  • Real-time control

  • Multiple model testing with one system

  • PID control loop development

  • Signal acquisition – e.g. pressure, vibration, load, temperature, force, distance, strain

  • Signal conditioning circuit board design

  • Extensive automated test report generation

  • Test executives (see StepWise)
  • PWM Solenoid Drivers

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