Custom Automated Test System Requirements Help

I know what I need, but I want help creating a good set of requirements.

Without well written requirements & specs, you’ll likely end up paying more than you want to get something that isn’t what you want, or even worse, something that doesn’t work for you at all.


Requirements and specifications are helpful for several reasons:

  • Quality – if you want to create a system that works
  • Time – if you want to understand when you are ready to release
  • Cost – if you want to get a better sense of how much more you will need to spend before you will have a system that meets the agreed upon goals

Follow this flow diagram to help you make a decision for which path to follow.


Path 1: DIY


The DIY path is intended for you if you  have the time, patience, and skills to develop a solid set of requirements and specifications for the system that you want built.


  • No money spent, just your time and energy
  • A chance to learn







  • 0$

Path 2: Requirement Gathering Study


We’ll drive the effort, working with you side-by-side, starting from your chicken scratch and bits and pieces of documentation, to work with you to develop a package based on your selected deliverables.


  • A low-risk way to try us out. If you decide not to move forward with us, the documents are yours to take with you.
  • Less unknowns means higher probability of success.
  • Less unknowns also generally means lower cost, because unknowns create surprises, and surprises cost money.
  • Significant re-use for future project phases because much of the up-front effort involves getting on the same page.
  • This process is more interactive so we can help you improve your system by working with you up front instead of just implementing what you dictate.

Deliverables: (optional & scenario-dependent)

  • Requirements Study Report:
    • Elaboration of requirements & spec
    • Highlight risks
    • Make recommendations
  • Functional Overview diagram
  • AoA (Analysis of Alternatives) Report
  • Hardware Selection Report


  • ~$3,000 -$8,000 (typical)
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