Our Custom Test Equipment Supplier Process

Here’s the typical process we follow to supply you with your custom test equipment solution.  Variations on this apply based on individual needs of course.

Gather requirements & provide quote

1-6 weeks (typical)

After an initial exploratory call, we work with you (via phone calls, emails, and sometimes site visits) to gather the info needed to develop your custom test equipment.   This requires understanding your use case, timeframe, test cases, functional needs, documentation needs, regulated process needs, business agreements, funding methods, etc.

Design, develop, integrate & test the test system

1-6 months

Our engineers start designing, coding, and implementing your test system. We engage our machine and/or panel builder subcontractors as needed.  GUIs are developed, sequences generated, enclosures and cables are built, and it’s all put together and run through initial tests at Viewpoint.

Commission the test system

1 day - 2 weeks

The goal here is to test the test system.  This could either be a formal process with an ATP or could be an informal checkout of the test system during a runoff.  The level of rigor is based on your needs. Any remaining required documentation is written here.

Support You

12 months

This phase is a recognition that in the real world things arise because you are using an unfamiliar system.  Depending on your needs, we can either include some support funds in the initial quote, or wait and see if there are problems that require a support purchase order to address or if a quick phone call resolves the issue. Any support and maintenance would happen here, as required.



Work together to understand your needs so you get what you want in the end.


Unproven test system

We may have clarifying & preference-oriented questions as we design.


Delivered & accepted Custom Test Equipment with source code. Documentation as requested.

We either go on-site at your facility and work with you side-by-side or, if you have the skills, we’ll hand it over to you to help commission and save cost.



Most problems can generally be handled via phone and email.  It’s rare that we need to come on site to provide support.

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