Product Validation of Mechanical Subsystem with NI cDAQ

The updated product validation tester automates long tests, allowing the client to prove more obviously that their part met the specification.

Client – Automotive Component Supplier / Manufacturer


The client already had a test system in place, but it was old and was becoming unmaintainable.  Increasing demands from the test engineers and the old software architecture not lending itself to clean implementation of these new features (new sequencer capabilities and ECU CAN communication) drove the need for a rewrite of the software application.


The updated product validation tester supports product validation of the UUT by automating long tests (sometimes a week or more) providing the desired set point control, allowing the client to prove more obviously that their part met the stated specification.  Viewpoint developed the software and the client selected the hardware.


  • Automate long duration tests
  • Improved operator UX by making controls and indicators more intuitive to the user as well as providing additional capability within one application.
  • Acquire ECU data along with measured UUT data to allow for engineering performance characterization analysis
  • Playback utility enables the Test Engineer to quickly view collected data to chart out a path forward for further testing.
  • Automate a Design of Experiments matrix of conditions, through new sequencer capabilities, to more quickly arrive at product characterization parameters.
  • All collected signals are now housed in one TDMS file instead of multiple files from different applications.

System Overview

The UUT is a complete engine with a focus on one of the mechanical subsystems.  Data is collected on over 100 channels, measuring temperature, vibration, strain, RPM, position and pressure.  Engine management data (e.g., component location, pressures, engine speed, and status flags) is collected via CAN. The engine speed is set via an analog output, and subsystem setpoints are sent to the ECU via CAN.  SCXI still used on some of the old test stands, but is being phased out in favor of cDAQ.  The test system software was developed in LabVIEW.

Test Sequencing
Data Visualization
Data Collection
Setpoint Control
NI C Series Digital input module
NI C Series Digital output module
NI C Series Digital input/output module
NI C Series analog output module
NI C Series temperature input module
NI C Series analog input module
NI C Series strain/bridge module
Ethernet (TCP)