Automated Test

Automated Test

Accurate data.
Smarter decisions.
Quality products.

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Circuit Board Design

Circuit Board Design

Reliable proof-of-concept designs.
Cost-effective production.
Faster-to-market products.

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Embedded Monitoring and Control

Embedded Monitoring and Control

Reduced operating costs.
Improved error detection.
Better system health.

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We create the exact measurement systems our engineering customers need. We work with you to define system specifications, turn these into system requirements, and then use the leading advanced hardware and embedded software to prototype, build, and verify a system that achieves your initial vision.

home-projects-aircraft landing gear

Decreasing Test Time With Aircraft Landing Gear Testing

Viewpoint Systems combined LabVIEW, LabVIEW RT, and PXI hardware to manage control and measurement of component capabilities in order to develop reliable testing of hydraulic and electrical actuators for aircraft landing gear. 

Aerospace Test
home-projects-battery flow

Developing a Flow Battery Controller

In order to control the flow, temperature, and levels of electrolytes for producing power from stack flow batteries, Viewpoint Systems used NI CompactRIO (NI cRIO) platform to monitor about 100 analog input and 50 thermocouple channels and multiple digital output and analog output channels for control.

Energy Test


Developing a Structural Monitoring System for Railroad Bridges

To detect vibration signals from actively used railroad trestles to monitor and trend changes in the structural components, Viewpoint Systems, used a NI cRIO and FPGA for frequency-based processing of real-time accelerometer measurements.

Transportation Test

Connector Breakout Interfaces

  • Debug/verify signals
  • Inject known stimulus in signal/cable
  • Rewire or cross signals
  • Disconnect signals

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Signal Conditioning

  • Reduce signal noise
  • Achieve voltage to current conversion
  • Gain differential to single-ended conversion

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TSVN Toolkit for LabVIEW

  • View the SVN status of files in your project
  • Perform TortoiseSVN actions right in the Project Explorer with a single click
  • Open TortoiseSVN dialogs for each different repository

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LabVIEW Training Courses

With many National Instruments LabVIEW certified Instructors on staff, Viewpoint Systems offers LabVIEW training courses that span from basic courses to courses on advanced topics such as: 

  • Motion control
  • Image acquisition
  • Data analysis
  • Or custom LabVIEW training
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What customers have to say:

"With the embedded control system Viewpoint created using NI RIO hardware and LabVIEW FPGA, our customers can save 30% to 40% of their production costs."
- Mark Strang, Gleason Works