100 Pin Breakout Interface


The VSI-Breakout-100 is a very useful tool in debugging signals or software in a system. It allows unlimited access to signals within the cabling that might otherwise be difficult to access. The board gives test points at each side of the connector and jumper with a easy to use tabbed shunt to allow for easy disconnection of any particular signal between the connectors. The jumpers also give an opportunity to inject a signal regardless of what signal was originally being driven.

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  • Color coded Test Points for every signal on each connector
  • Jumper per connection to open circuit or insert signal
  • Pre-mounted on standoffs for multiple mounting options


  • Debugging/verifying signals
  • Injecting known stimulus in signal/cable
  • Re-wiring or crossing signals
  • Disconnecting signals

Key Specifications

  • Mounting holes for #6 screws
  • All Test Points are labeled according to connector pin number
  • 0.07" Diameter Test Points
  • 0.1" Jumpers with tabbed shunts
  • All Jumpers label with pin number

VSI-Breakout-100 Specifications

  • Connector type:DSUB 100, 0.05" pitch
  • Gender: Male
  • Screw locks: Yes (removable)
  • Mating material: Gold contacts; shell is tin
  • Connector type: DSUB 100, 0.05" pitch
  • Gender: Female
  • Screw locks: Yes (removable)
  • Mating material: Gold contacts; shell is tin
Test Points
  • One Test point per Connector Pin
  • Test Point Color: Red and Black signifying connector
  • Size: Wire form loop with 0.07" inside diameter.
  • Secure grip for J hooks, EZ hooks, grabbers, alligator clips, tips or probes
Jumpers/Shunts Jumper:
  • Size: 0.1"x0.1", 0.025" Square post
  • Mating material: Gold over Nickel
  • Plastic tab for easy removal/insertion
  • Mating material: Gold over Nickel
Options Cables:
  • 100pin Shielded M/M 1M; Order Part number:VSI-Cable-100-1
  • 100pin Shielded M/M 2M; Order Part number:VSI-Cable-100-2
  • Pack of 10 Multi-colored 12" jumper cables
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