Industrial Embedded System Design Services – How much will the embedded development cost to prototype the first unit?

Are you developing a new industrial product and want to know what it’ll take to develop the prototype embedded controller?

You’re in luck.  This calculator can start to give you a feel for the costs.  Note that I said “feel”.  That’s because it’s just a rough ballpark estimate.  There’s usually additional information that will change the costs that’s not easily captured in a calculator because there’s too many unique scenarios.  Reach out to us for more accurate pricing.

This calculator is intended to capture the engineering costs (mostly software development, debug, and integration) to develop the first unit.  Here are the major assumptions:

  • COTS (off-the-shelf) hardware can be utilized.
  • Hardware costs are not included.
  • Decent requirements have been created.

Engineering Prototype Cost Calculator – for Industrial Embedded sub-systems that use COTS hardware

If you’re interested in considering Viewpoint for your development, check out our capabilities here, then reach out here.  If you’re looking for additional industrial embedded resources, check this out.