Industrial Automation – Improving Manufacturing Process with a semi-automated welder

Automating a battery welder to improve consistency and increase throughput


Industrial manufacturer of battery stacks


The previous welding method was all manual, prone to errors and inconsistency.  The old system also required the operator be in contact with the module while welding without any safety shielding.


The welder semi-automates the ultrasonic welding of terminals on a battery module as part of the manufacturing process. It allows for welds to be conducted in the same place for every module, reducing variability and operator errors.  This system is also quicker than doing the welds manually.


  • Increased weld consistency
  • Improved operator safety
  • Increased welder throughput

System Overview

The system semi-automates the ultrasonic welding of terminals on a battery module.  The system consists of an ultrasonic welder, XYZ table, and safety interlocks.  The table moves the battery module to the correct welding position.  Once in position, the Z portion of the table lowers the welder to the correct welding height.  The application sends the signal to the welder to conduct the weld.  Weld data is saved to a file from the welder Ethernet interface for later analysis.  Viewpoint provided the software for this system, while the client provided the hardware for us to interface with.

Considerable attention was paid to addressing faults in the production process to avoid damage to the operator and the battery module during the welding process, due to the high current output available from the battery module.

Welding routing configuration
Operator GUI
Maintenance mode
Interface to welder
Interface to table & controller
Interface to E-Stop & interlocks
24V Digital IO