Mini scale Inverter Kit


The Viewpoint Systems Miniscale Inverter board is a 3-Phase inverter board with an NI 9683/9684 mating footprint (intended for use with the NI sbRIO 9607 + NI 9683/9684 combo (not included) or with the NI cRIO-9039 + VSI-T-000050 combo (not included)). This board gives full accessibility to the GPIO of the main FPGA controller via wire-poke terminals.  The design for this device is provided as open source by National Instruments.  See the description for link.

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This board is able to handle low voltage, low power rectification or inverting (max 10A/phase). Low power DC to DC, DC to AC, AC 3-phase motors and PMDC motors can be powered with this and controlled with the onboard FPGA.

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Key Specifications

  • 3-Phase inverter research board with direct connectivity to the NI Single-Board RIO General Purpose Inverter Controller
  • Enables analog simulation of transmission and distribution systems, including Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)
  • Contains two three-phase IGBT inverters, two single phase rectifier bridges, and two DC links that can be connected or used independently
  • On board current and voltage sensors for each half-bridge
  • Flexible connectivity and SMPS topology for many diverse applications (DC-AC, AC-DC, AC-DC-AC, etc.)